25+ Best Youtube Channels to Learn Spanish

Bored of learning languages through textbooks? Try out one of the best Youtube channels to learn Spanish and see if it suits you better. 

Best Youtube Channels To Learn Spanish for Beginners Onwards:

1. Lirica

Lirica is a great Youtube channel for music lovers as well as those who want to learn Spanish. Each video has Spanish and English subtitles available so you can follow along and practice your comprehension. The songs are sung by Spanish or Latin American artists so it’s useful to help improve your pronunciation and understanding of different accents. Aside from some of the more musical videos, the channel features tips on learning languages and Spanish grammar.

2. Butterfly Spanish

Ana, the host of Butterfly Spanish is a native Spanish speaker and loves to talk about all things Spain. Along with her engaging videos and patient teaching methods, she’s studied languages and linguistics herself, so understand the struggles of language students. Videos consist of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and teaching you how to speak like a native. She also includes snippets about culture.

3. Real-World Spanish Lessons 

Real-World Spanish is one of the best Youtube channels to learn Spanish if you’re a beginner. It covers all of the topics you’ll need to build a good foundation of the language, including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. There’s also an interesting mini-series called ‘Learn Spanish While You’re Sleeping’; the idea is that you play this video overnight and it will help you to remember vocabulary a little easier.

4. SpanishPod 101 

SpanishPod101 is a popular and well-established channel that uploads helpful videos at least three times a week. Videos focus on topics like grammar, vocabulary, study tips and tricks, as well as some videos on culture: like Spanish holidays, dining out and more. We loved that the channel dedicated some playlists to learning Mexican Spanish too!

5. Señor Jordan

Senor Jordan also made it to our list of the best Youtube channels to learn Spanish. Jordan isn’t a native Spanish speaker, but he does a fantastic job at explaining how Spanish works whilst keeping you entertained. In the past, he has uploaded a tonne of high-quality video content on his channel; our only concern is that he stopped posting three years ago and we’re not sure if he’ll start again.

6. SpanishDict 

SpanishDict is a highly recommended online Spanish dictionary and grammar source that also happens to have its own Youtube channel ideal for Spanish students! The channel is full of useful content including how to use Spanish in your daily life, or how to apply grammar concepts to real-world scenarios. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a new video for a few years now, but there’s lots of content already there to use.

7. FluentU Spanish

FluentU Spanish has an impressive amount of videos to help you study Spanish. Its main aim is to share tips, tricks and resources to help you learn Spanish. Some notable videos include: how to learn Spanish using Spanish movies or while cooking Spanish meals. They also upload videos fairly frequently, so there’s a lot of content to get through.

8. Dreaming Spanish

The Dreaming Spanish Youtube channel teaches you how to confidently speak Spanish using real-world vocabulary and phrases by exposing you to authentic interactions. The host plays games, watches movies, invites guests over and carries out his daily chores, all while speaking in clear, manageable Spanish.

9. Spanish Like a Pro! 

Spanish Like a Pro! has a unique set of hosts; puppets! But this isn’t for kids, these are puppets made to teach adults! One of the most notable puppets is Professor Rabuffi who specializes in grammar. His videos combine difficult grammar concepts with a little bit of comedy and silliness to make learning a bit more fun.

10. Lightspeed Spanish 

Lightspeed Spanish is hosted by Gordon and Cynthia and has more than 700 beginner-friendly videos to choose from. Videos are quite casual; a mixture of classroom teaching with a few jokes thrown in for good measure.

Best Youtube Channels To Learn Spanish for Kids

11. RockaLingua

RockaLingua is a Youtube channel aimed at children, but adults who love cartoons might find it useful too! You’ll find a mixture of fictional stories and songs on the channel, all of which hope to teach viewers a simple aspect of the Spanish language, like numbers, days of the week, colours and animals. 

12. Spanish Playground 

The Spanish Playground is one of the best Youtube channels to learn Spanish for children. Unfortunately, the creator of the channel is only just starting out, so there aren't many videos available just yet. But what we’ve seen so far looks promising! Each lesson contains engaging graphics and includes subtitles too

Best Youtube Channels To Learn Spanish for Intermediate Speakers and Above:

13. The Spanish Dude

The Spanish Dude is a failed student that set out to live in Spain by immersing himself in local life. Now fluent in Spanish, he hopes to teach viewers his tips and tricks to perfecting the language. Videos are simple, but contain a lot of useful content, covering tricky grammar aspects, colloquial words and phrases and pronunciation.

14. Easy Spanish 

Easy Spanish helps you to learn Spanish through immersion and comprehension. You won’t find a classroom here; instead, the host conducts interviews with native speakers on Spanish streets to show learners how Spanish is spoken in real life. Topics range from local politics to native dishes, European holidays to fashion trends. You’ll definitely need a foundation knowledge of Spanish for this channel, but there are subtitles available on each video too.

15. Español con Juan 

Español Con Juan focuses on teaching Spanish naturally, through immersion and context. Videos are conducted completely in Spanish and mainly involve the host, Juan, telling a story. He talks at a good speed, repeats unusual words and uses a good mix of vocabulary along with gestures to help viewers understand better.

16. Maria Espanol 

Maria Espanol is the perfect Youtube channel for upper-intermediate level students that no longer need basic grammar help. Instead, the videos focus on how to speak like a native, when and how to use certain words, and advanced grammar rules. She also has a ton of videos about Spanish culture and often participates in live videos, which are like an interactive classroom experience.

17. Speak Spanish Faster  

Speak Spanish Faster does exactly what it says: helps you to start speaking Spanish as fast as possible, and as confidently as possible. Videos are brief, to the point, very entertaining and focus on general topics including ordering food and greeting friends as well as tips to learn a language as fast as possible.

18. Bilingue Blogs  

Billigue Blog is a channel that celebrates different Spanish dialects from Central American countries like Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic and Cuba. Some videos focus on learning the difference between Spanish across the region, while others teach you about common mistakes to avoid and how to stay motivated when you’re learning a new language. 

19. Why Not Spanish 

Why Not Spanish is a channel created for intermediate speakers. In the videos, the host, Maria, teaches the student, Cody, almost resembling a classroom experience, but a lot more casual. Maria pauses regularly in the videos, giving you the chance to join in and answer any questions out loud before Cody replies.

20. SoyDanielaBos

Daniela Bos, the host of this Youtube channel, makes entertaining videos on almost every topic you can imagine! This includes vlogging her daily life, discussing current events and telling travel stories from around the world. The channel is completely in Spanish, so it’s ideal for intermediate to advanced students who want to work on their comprehension of Spanish.

21. Superholly 

Superholly is a really popular Youtube channel that has more than four million followers, but it’s not strictly for language learning. While you will find lessons for both English and Spanish, Holly your host also uploads videos about DIY and product reviews.

22. Spanish and Go

Spanish and Go is hosted by Jim and May, a couple that wants to help you to improve your listening skills, practise your vocabulary and comprehension while they take you on interesting adventures around the world. If you love to travel and you want to learn Spanish while exploring beautiful parts of the world: this channel is for you! 

Best Youtube Channels To Learn Spanish for Advanced Speakers:

23. HolaSoyGerman 

HolaSoyGerman is one of the most popular channels on Youtube and has amassed an incredible 42 million followers. He’s a comedian at heart, producing funny skits based on real-life experiences. He talks incredibly fast, so you’ll need to be a confident Spanish speaker, but he also uses English subtitles too if you need some guidance.

24. Juanpa Zurita

Juanpa Zurita is a Mexican comedian that found popularity by creating fun videos on Vine. Most of his videos are funny skits based on real-life scenarios. He gives you the best of both worlds! His channel is exclusively in Spanish, he speaks very quickly and uses plenty of slang, so we’d recommend this for more confident speakers.

25. Melo

Melo is a comedian that produces videos about pop culture, films and social media. Her videos are a mix of reviews, discussion videos, rants, dares and more. Really, she appeals to a younger audience who are up for a laugh. Her videos are completely in Spanish so it's a great way to learn how to talk about contemporary topics.

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