Podcast Episode: What’s new with Actual Fluency (April 2020)?

In this unnumbered Actual Fluency episode I'm getting into a few updates as of April 2020.

Here's what you'll hear about in the episode:

  • Why the podcast was on a minor break
  • Why you shouldn't necessarily feel pressured to learn a new language during the pandemic
  • What happened to the Polyglot Cruise
  • New Course Launch: Bite-Size Languages
  • What else is new on Actual Fluency
  • What is happening to the polyglot events around the world, which ones do I hope to attend?


Podcast Returns

After an extended break due to the pandemic I'm happy to report that new episodes of the podcast will be released weekly from this date.

I've already recorded some super cool episodes and I aim to have a lot of brand new guests on this year.

Polyglot Cruise

First of all, thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts and concerns when the severity of the pandemic was becoming clear.

Thanks to overwhelming flexibility and support shown by our cruise line partner, and the registerered participants I'm super happy to say that we are able to postpone the Polyglot Cruise until April 2021.

This is an event run by small business (basically just me) so facing losing potentially thousands in organisation costs and transaction fees would have been a bad day at the office.

However, thanks to the amazing registrants who transferred their tickets (about 30) to next year's event we don't have to worry about that, and can instead focus our efforts 100% on making the best event ever!

Polyglot Cruise Website

Don't feel pressured

I've seen a lot of people proclaim that these are great times to learn a new skill or improve existing ones.

Like learning a language.

And I would agree to an extent, but I would also be really careful with taking on more projects, especially new ones, if you are having a hard time with everything else.

Then it's absolutely acceptable to NOT take on any new challenges just now.

Myself personally I'm trying to produce a ton of new content for Actual Fluency, and to bring out a series of new courses (check out the next session.) BUT my apartment is a horrible mess, and I've also gained about 10lbs so far I think 🙁

My point is, don't expect to have perfect routines and control over every aspect of your life at these tough times. It's OK to chill until everything gets a bit more normal.

Bite Size Languages

I'm super excited to be launching a new series of beginner's language courses (“BITE SIZE LANGUAGES”) with an amazing introductory offer May 3rd – May 8th.

These have been in the pipeline for a while, so it's amazing to see it come together.

Basically they feature immersive listening practice for beginners, as I think that market is quite underserved.

They are also affordable, to go against recent trends of language courses being either super expensive or having steep monthly recurring costs.

Be sure to join the email list to be notified when this offer goes live!

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Event Calendar and Travel Plans

The Polyglot Gathering (May-June) has been postponed until next year, and replaced with an online virtual version.

I don't expect travel to open up in the summer. So, I'm preparing for a long lockdown here in the UK.

I have air tickets booked for the Polyglot Conference in Cholula, Mexico October 16-18, but it's not clear what the odds are of this taking place at this point.

  1. Latin / South America are far behind in terms of the spreading of the virus, so their peak is coming much later.
  2. They have worse medical infrastructure, so it might hit this part of the world even harder than Europe and the US.

Also, the tickets are booked with British Airways, who I expect to still be around by then, but who knows, really?

I'm just taking it one day a time.

Women in Language, September 18-20, 2020

This virtual conference, organised by my friends Kerstin Cable, Lindsay Williams, and Shannon Kennedy takes place again in September.

Come along for a boatload of great presentations and a good time.


Then, as we cross into 2021 I'm extremely hopefuly that life and travel will return to something that resembles pre-covid times.

And by the time the Polyglot Cruise takes place in April 2021, I hope for there to be no restrictions at all.

There you have it!

My latest updates in these testing times.