AFP 38 – Sam Gendreau: Lingholic founder and korean speaker

Today I'm very happy to welcome on to the show one of the bloggers who inspired me, when I was creating Actual Fluency in the beginning of this year.

Update August 2016: Rumour has it, that Sam has decided to sell Lingholic and the new owners do not seem to share his previous passion for the project. Be aware of that if you decide to visit the site.

Sam Gendreau is a Canadian national and has been running Lingholic for 2 years now. We talk about learning languages, with particular emphasis on Korean. So if you are interested in learning Korean, this episode is for you!

Are we all lingholics? We might just be. Either way that is the name of the website, Sam Gendreau started back in late 2012 to document his journey for learning languages. As he so eloquently points out, it's not about the destination, but about the journey to get there.

Which is so true!

So often we focus on the end goal, which hinders our enjoyment of the fact that we are actually socialising and developing as human beings along the way, even if we don't speak our target language fluently just yet.

Sam and I take a round trip around general language learning and end up at specific Korean tips and information. Enjoy!


The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How Sam got into learning languages
  • His best tips and tricks
  • Why he started Lingholic
  • Why he decided to learn Korean
  • What's hard and easy about learning Korean?
  • How he won a Korean speaking competition
  • The future of Lingholic

Episode Resources

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