AFP 01 – David Mansaray: Language Learning and Personal Growth

In today's edition of the Actual Fluency Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing David Mansaray. Within the episode David and I get into a wide array of topics about learning, personal growth, language learning and how to take a language to the next level.

David MansarayI'm super excited about giving you guys this Interview as David is very knowledgeable and has a very motivational way of communicating his perspectives. I want to thank David for coming on and supporting this Podcast in the early stages.

The Episode

Show notes

Main Segment

  • What Motivates David to Keep Learning and Developing
  • The benefits of learning a language
  • How he sees the current educational system and how he thinks it could be improved
  • How he would learn a language from scratch tomorrow
  • David's unique way to go from from basic conversational to intermediate and beyond
  • And Much more!

Resources mentioned in the Episode