AFP 87 – Tetsu Yung: Raising Multilingual Children

Today I'm joined by Tetsu Yung on his birthday!! To talk about raising multilingual children and the new polyglot event: North American Polyglot Symposium.

Tetsu Yung

After two relatively business-heavy episodes it's great to get back into some pure language learning topics. I wanted to talk to Tetsu, because he specialises in how to raise children multilingually and is currently bringing his two children up with 5 languages.

It's a topic highly relevant to many people in the polyglot community demographic.

We also talk about the upcoming NAPS event in Montreal: The North American Polyglot Symposium.

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Show notes

  • How Tetsu grew up speaking multiple languages
  • How it felt as a multilingual child
  • How to pick what languages to teach your kids
  • What is OPOL and why is it important?
  • What mistakes can new parents make in this?
  • What is the best time to start teaching kids multiple languages?
  • Should more languages be taught at the same time?
  • The North American Polyglot Symposium in Montreal July 23-24
  • And much more!

Show resources

  • – Facebook page for Tetsu's first book: “Pampers to Polyglot: 7 Ideas for Raising Multilinguals Like Me”
  • – Facebook page for Tetsu's mother's book (Japanese only):今風の子育て:バイリンガルからマルチリンガル グローバル化世界を歩む我が子へ
  • – Tetsu's YouTube Channel, with mainly language-related contents, including many clips of himself and his children speaking different languages.
  • Tetsu's on Twitter, dedicated to language.
  • – North American Polyglot Symposium 2016 Facebook Page

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Thanks to this weeks guest, Tetsu Yung