AFP 65 – Vladimir Skultety: 15+ Language Polyglot

Welcome back to another episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast. In this episode I'm joined by extremely talented polyglot: Vladimir Skultety. Vladimir speaks around 15 languages and 9 of them at a high level. This a great episode you don't want to miss.

Interview with Vladimir Skultety

Today I'm excited to bring a guest who I met back in Berlin for the Polyglot Gathering. Vladimir really impressed me with his talk about sounding more native and when I heard him speak other languages at the conference his level was incredible in most of them.

I knew I had him on and by sheer coincidence he was in Budapest recently to visit some friends and we set up the recording. This is one of my favourite interviews I've done on the podcast as Vladimir gets into areas of language learning we don't often get to talk about here on the show.

Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How Vladimir got into learning languages
  • What made him learn Chinese
  • What made him stay 4 extra years in Taiwan
  • How he learns languages
  • Why listening is important and underrated in learning
  • How to sound more native
  • And much more!

Episode Resources

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The Episode

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Thank you to this week's guest: Vladimir Skultety!