AFP 52 – Anthony Lauder: Being an Expat

On this episode I'm joined by Anthony Lauder. Anthony has been living in the Czech Republic for over 10 years and comes on to the show to share his tips and tricks for aspiring expats.

We talk about what to look out for when relocating, how to homesick, isolation, the expat bubble and much more.

Anthony Lauder

On this episode of the Podcast I welcome back Anthony Lauder. I had Anthony on in episode 27 of the first season, where we talked generally about his approach to learning languages. It's a highly recommended episode to listen to.

Today he returns to talk about the process of relocation and becoming an expat. The topic of the show was actually fuelled by my own desire to leave my home country and travel out into the world. I had tried to do that once before, living approximately a year in London, England but I found myself isolated and lonely in a strange land. During today's episode Anthony shares his experiences and tips for people wishing to become an expat, which include how not to isolate yourself.

We also get into when and why to learn the local language, and when it might be totally okay to only learn the very basics. For me as an upcoming expat I was incredibly thankful for Anthony's extensive tips and tricks in this episode.

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Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • The difficulties of being an expat
  • Why you should consider moving abroad
  • How to meet people and avoid the expat bubble
  • Why Anthony recommends you socialise with expats anyway
  • Why learning the language to a high level is not enough to be part of conversation
  • The problem of being homesick
  • Emotional responses to being abroad, such as craving specfic foods
  • The sacrifices you have to make to become an expat
  • How to avoid being socially isolated when going abroad
  • And much more

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