AFP 29 – Judith Meyer: Learning Chinese and developing

Judith Meyer was the guest of Episode 3 and is one of the most talented polyglots you will find on-line today. Fluent in over 10 languages, she has been a role model for me since the very beginning.

judithmeyerIn the first episode we got into her learning history, her languages and her learning method – so if you are interested in these specific areas, don't hesitate to go back and listen to episode 3 of the podcast.

This episode is for those who are interested in learning Chinese, even if you have never started there are plenty of tips and tricks in this episode.
In the second half of the interview we talk about her latest venture which is an automagic online chinese learning course called LearnYu.

The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • Why Judith started learning Chinese
  • How she would learn Mandarin today
  • All about learning characters early on or not
  • Is Chinese really difficult?
  • How she got the idea for LearnYu
  • How she developed it
  • How and why it works
  • What we can expect from LearnYu going forward
  • And more of course!

Resources mentioned in the Episode

Note: I've removed most of the resources from this section, as I always had Anki/Memrise etc. here every week. Now I will only put resources here that are very exclusive to the episode. For any other resource please go to the resource page for more information.