AFP 141 – Anja Spilker on using languages and travels as a reboot, and mental health

On this episode I'm joined by Anja Spilker, CEO and Founder of Zaloa Languages where we talk about the positive effects learning languages and travelling can have on mental health.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this episode is medical or professional advice, if you are struggling – PLEASE see a professional. Your doctor can be a good first step and direct you further.

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Show Notes and Links

In this episode:

  • The surprising reason why Anja left Germany for France
  • How to reboot your life with travelling and language learning
  • How to keep the mind healthy
  • A lot on depression, and our common experiences with it
  • Anja's new concept “Learn and Burn”
  • Zaloa Languages – Anja's language learning company
  • Living i Mexico / Abroad

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Thanks to this week's guest, Anja Spilker! 

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