AFP 129 & 130 Dave Prine: Polyglot Therapy

In this episode I'm put on the spot by my good friend Dave Prine as we quickly dive into the super heavy topics of what the pursuit of language learning means, and the importance of not comparing yourself to other language learners.

When I started recording the episode I had no idea me and Dave would go so deep. In the end of it I felt like I had been attending therapy!

Either way, I'm hopeful you will find the content useful in your own language learning mission going forward.

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Show Notes

  • How Dave got into language learning
  • Why he's fascinated about minority languages and language preservation
  • Dave's new podcast: The Lollygagging Podcast
  • Is it okay to be a language dabbler?
  • Can the pursuit of hyper-polyglotism cause unhappiness?
  • Comparing yourself with others
  • Imposter syndrome and the negative effect it has on productivity
  • Has the Actual Fluency podcast run its course?
  • And much more!

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