AFP 113 – Learning Languages with a Full-Time Job

We're back from Manchester England! In this episode I talk about my recent experience transitioning from a freelancer to a full-time employee when it comes to learning languages. 

Manchester England, England

…Across the atlantic sea?

Anyone get that reference? Put a note in the comments below!

It's been a month since I arrived to begin my new life here in the United Kingdom. I already talked a bit about it in my last update and in my newsletter that I send out about once a week, and I'm going to be talking about it in my next Clear The List update that is coming out very soon also.

In this episode I wanted to just sit down and talk about how my new full-time job affects my language learning and talk about the future of the podcast. All recorded from my 8 sq. meter room in Manchester 🙂

In this episode:

  • Updates from what's been going on in the last month
  • Pros and Cons of having LESS time for language learning!
  • My experience transitioning from freelancer to full-time employee
  • The future of the podcast; what's coming!

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