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On today's show I'm joined by Olly Richards. Olly is a well known polyglot and blogger, that with his website “” offers incredible insight and inspiration for aspiring language learners. As a matter of fact he was part of the bloggers who inspired me to create Actual Fluency back in the end of last year.

photoDuring the show today Olly and I talk about language learning related topics that are on our minds lately, including giving specific tips and advice that he has acquired over the years learning many languages. We dive specifically into the difficulties of learning Chinese and Japanese for a westerner, and what kind of consideration you should give the character sets when learning those languages.

This is a great episode if you have ambitions of learning either Japanese or Chinese. As somebody who knows nothing about the asian languages, but does have ambition to tackle them one day, Olly's insights were invaluable and I hope that you feel the same way.

Thank you Olly for coming on and sharing your story, it was great!

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The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • Learning Japanese and Chinese
  • How Olly got into learning languages
  • How he learns languages today
  • What he thinks about immersion when it comes to learning languages
  • Keeping your language levels intact
  • and much much more!

Resources mentioned in the Episode